Potential #3, 22 x 12 in.
acrylic on canvas
Potential Framed
Potential #1 30 X 36,
acrylic on canvas

Potential with a Friend,
6ft x54in. acrylic on canvas

Potential Iceberg, 48 x 36in.
acrylic on canvas

Potenial #2, 60 x 24in.
acrylic on canvas

Monument to Potential,
18 x 14in. acrylic on canvas

POTENTIAL: To lie dormant until needed for use.

When thinking about this word, and it many applications. I began to wonder - if potential was an object, what would it look like?

I saw potential as a ball or sphere, wrapped or bound by cords, always on the verge of letting go, and releasing it's energy. Much like our own dreams, ideas are attached to us by some invisable cord, always waiting for the right tool to come along and unlock that which is possible.

When looking around the city, I've seen many examples of this definition.

thought + action = release of your potential