The Life of an Artist

INTO THE DARKNESS - A Graphic Novel by Richard McDowell

I've decided to create and share a page a week from this crazy life of mine. Follow the story as I make my way along and through it all, the meandering back streets of Downtown Los Angeles.  I hope you hear the poetry and in this panel… like all things that have a beginning… I embark on my journey, but I’ll start by asking – “Where am I?”

On Any Given Day.

The morning had been very strange, but had already past.  It had ended with a visit from my art dealer, my model and the Doctor.  I was hoping to put the past behind me, and in the early afternoon I was headed for and on my way to the Arts District.

 On Spring Street at 7th

Dear People,

Some where near the corner... I begin to believe I'm being followed...
but than again, do I really believe in anything?

5th and Spring as I look down from above